Terms and Conditions

Please go through the following Terms carefully. If you accessing Research Pixie services, and the Research Pixie website, registering for or downloading information, or using https://researchpixie.com/ (“Website”), including any sort of content, it is conditional to your agreement to the following terms. You must read, agree with, and accept all these terms and conditions herein full. You must refrain from using this website if you object to any of these Website Standard Terms and Conditions.

A. Definitions

  • Owner, Us, We, Firm: The owner as a creator or publisher of the website, makes the website (https://researchpixie.com/) and who makes the services accessible to its users. Firm, Owner, Us, We, and Ours, other such first-person pronouns refer to the Owner, the employees, and affiliates of the Owner.
  • The User, you: You, anyone who is the user of the website
  • Customer, Client: Refers to anyone who requests our content  writing services and/or products.
  • Writer, Expert, or Freelancer refers to anyone, who is agreeing to work on a freelance basis with the Firm to provide research and writing services under the Firm’s terms.

B. General Instructions for our Customers

  • Research Pixie is a sole proprietorship and is an intermediary for qualified writers/experts selling original work to customers.
  • We reserve the right to accept or refuse an order at our discretion and refund the payment by the customer for it.
  • Our clients should not directly contact the experts. We are the sole intermediary between clients and writers.
  • Our agreement with the customer commences once we find a suitable writer to complete the order of the customer and we get payment from the client
  • The custom services are to be used only as guides, for the study or research purposes only. Our products are specifically projected for either research purposes or to act as a reference. We don’t give consent, implied or otherwise, to copy the written products that we provide to you in part or as a whole without proper referencing and we shall not be accountable for any liability resulting from such unauthorized use. Such acts may include plagiarism, disciplinary actions, titles, grants and prizes, legal actions, poor, failure, or any form of disciplinary measures that may be level against a user for materials obtained from us or this website.
  • We reserve a right to decline to proceed with an order if we find any reason showing that the customer will use supplied work in a way that contravenes these terms or our Fair Use Policy.
  • Acceptance: The Service (collectively “Terms”) govern your use of the service, product, site, content, and software (collectively the “Service”).
    7.1 By registering for or using the Service or any portion of it you accept the Terms.
    7.2 Further to this, additional terms & conditions with respect to specific products/services shall apply based on the services agreed upon by you.
    Refund policy as stipulated in terms & conditions of contract.

c. Responsibility of freelancers

General Instructions
  • All the projects developed by the freelance writers in part or as a whole are solely owned by the firm.
  • You are expected to perform such duties proficiently and meticulously as and when needed which may be allocated to you reasonably. You shall at any given point maintain the goodwill of the Firm to the best of your ability ensure.
  • With regards to the project and product of your services, you irrevocably waive all the moral rights and you must acknowledge that the Firm shall be free to use it, alter, modify, and deal with the similar product or services which the Firm deems fit and this shall be in the absolute discretion of the Firm.
  • Firm doesn’t hold any responsibility for the views, opinions, and beliefs expressed by the freelance writers in their respective projects.
Registration and Termination Policy
  • During the tenure under these terms, you agree to perform your services as a FREELANCE EXPERT in relation to the work on a non-exclusive basis and any of such similar services as may be demanded by the firm as and when needed in relation to your appointment. You have to be available on Hangouts/WhatsApp as well as emails to receive the requirements and contact the team.
  • Termination: The firm shall have full authority but not obligation to terminate the agreement at any given point by sending a prior notice of one week if while rendering the services on the days the Firm required you are found incapacitated or if you are found committing a breach of material of any obligation mentioned in the Service Agreement or if you hamper the creation of Project or are involved in any deeds leading to the exploitation of the Project.

Payment Policy

  • In consideration for rendering the services in relation to the Project, the payment will be made to the client (in terms of delivery of product/service) and employee (Subject to Service Level Agreement mandate).
  • Payment to freelance writers shall be made monthly. You will be required to raise an invoice every month on the 31st. The firm will need 15 days to verify your invoice and subsequently, the payment will be released on the 15th of the next month.
  • For writers outside the country, payment will be done through Bank/PayPal/Worldremit/Etc. Transfer charges of payment will be borne by the writer.
  • TDS @10% is applicable for every writer. The Total compensation amount will be deposited into your account post deduction of TDS@ applicable rates. The amount will be only transferred to the concerned ID proof’s holder account provided by the writer at the time of the contract.
  • Incentives, Deductions, and Failure to deliver services shall be applicable as per the service level agreement signed by you.


You shall designate the Firm with a full-title guarantee of the present and future copyright of the current project and all other rights whatsoever in the product of the services. All other additional services provided by you in accordance with the Agreement along with the copyright and all other rights and in written material of any form or any sort of contribution made by you which is in relation to the Project all throughout the universe for all media for all purposes whether now known or devised later and for the full duration of copyright and all renewals and extensions. You shall allow that the Project shall absolutely belong to the Firm which includes all the rights in the product of your services and any other additional services provided by you with regards to the project.

Confidentiality and good faith

The Firm gives enormous prominence to confidentiality. Any information assimilated by you during the period of your duties, which could be with regards to but not limited to the Firm’s activities, its members, and/or its affiliates must be treated highly confidential at all times.
Confidential information includes but is not limited to the information related to the firm’s business and its internal and external matters, its members, and/or affiliates but is not limited to the information held by way of client database, business terms, plans, strategies, business development, marketing, and sales planning, information related to finance and any other information related to the Firm, its members and its affiliates if any.

D. Promotional and Email Campaigns

  • When you provide us your contact details, we consider it consent to contact you by email, mail, phone, SMS/MMS, and fax to inform you about any services, goods, or promotions that may be of your interest unless you object to getting such messages.
  • By submitting our Webform, you agree to receive promotional calls on the number shared, and such calls and SMS would be coming from a third party platform.